WaterWaves1D.jl documentation


WaterWaves1D.jl is a Julia package providing a framework to study and compare several models for the propagation of unidimensional surface gravity waves (a.k.a. "water waves").

Several models are already implemented, including (but not limited to) the so-called water waves system, its truncated spectral expansion, the Green-Naghdi system, the Matsuno system, and so on. You may easily add your favorite one to the gang: see the how-to guide.


Enter the Pkg REPL by pressing ] from the Julia REPL.

(v1.8) pkg> add WaterWaves1D

Once installed, load the package with

julia> using WaterWaves1D

Quick start

A simple example is documented here. More advanced examples can be found in the package's examples and notebooks folders.


WaterWaves1D.jl is being developed by Vincent Duchêne and Pierre Navaro.

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